Everscale is a fast, secure and scalable network with near-zero fees, which can process up to a million transactions per second thanks to its unique dynamic sharding technology. The network was originally built off of the Durov brothers' TON concept before launching as a separate entity. The change to Everscale was predicated by the network’s robust development which saw it move way beyond the original technological offerings of TON and build an entire ecosystem around its platforms and products, replete with its own nodes and technology. The ecosystem features a number of products, including a DEX and bridges with other blockchains.
Everscale Price $0.315199
Market Cap Rank Rank #256
Market Cap $323,336,561
24h High $0.335977
24h Low $0.304674
Circulating Supply 1,021,192,184
Total Supply 2,044,607,372
Trading Volume $3,323,519
All-Time High $2.56
Everscale/Bitcoin Ratio 1.00 BTC = 147,275.41 EVER
Last Update 2022-01-22 04:55:35