UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized inter-galactic social gaming token. P2E (Play to earn) Metaverse, Virtual land, NFT, Gaming and IDO Launchpad.

For everything $UFO-related, the $UFO token will be required. You will need it to interact with any element of our ecosystem. Our token's usefulness may be divided into three categories:

$UFO, Plasma Points and UAP.

• $UFO 100% community owned.

• Earn Plasma Points from single staking $UFO or UFO-ETH LP pool in the Cosmos and Redeem Origin UFOep. Origin UFOep is needed to play our first game, ‘Super Galactic’.

• UAP is required to purchase, trade, and fuse (breed) NFTs inside of the game. It can only be obtained by playing Super Galactic.

Launchpad: Stake your UFO tokens or own land on the games' dedicated planet to get tiered access to some of the most highly anticipated gaming projects adds to the Dark Metaverse.

Multi-chain: Our Dark Metaverse is not only limited to one chain. It will be multichain. UFO will be launching games on some of the most reputable chains, covering a broad genre of games and different niches of L1 and L2s.

One Game, One Planet, Interoperability.
UFO Gaming Price $0.000028
Market Cap Rank Rank #252
Market Cap $707,693,989
24h High $0.000031
24h Low $0.000024
Circulating Supply 25,757,575,757,575
Total Supply 25,757,575,757,575
Max Supply 25,757,575,757,575
Trading Volume $18,883,064
All-Time High $0.00001
UFO Gaming/Bitcoin Ratio 1.00 BTC = 5,813,953,488.37 UFO
Last Update 2021-12-08 18:43:26