Victoria VR

Victoria VR is the first blockchain-based MMORPG in virtual reality with realistic graphics built on the Unreal Engine, created and owned by its users. Victoria VR aims to create a new Metaverse of multi-dimensional interactions where users will be able to immerse themselves interactively with never-ending digital content.The whole world is built to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications, collectively creating a Metaverse — a shared virtual realm, the 3D internet. The Victoria VR Metaverse will be where people go to work, rest, learn, play and eventually live.
Victoria VR Price $0.527908
Market Cap Rank Rank #252
Market Cap $383,111,710
24h High $0.576138
24h Low $0.521653
Circulating Supply 725,717,402
Total Supply 16,800,000,000
Trading Volume $8,172,542
All-Time High $0.615957
Victoria VR/Bitcoin Ratio 1.00 BTC = 118,063.75 VR
Last Update 2022-01-17 09:41:48